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Strategies & Tactics


At inSpire we value strategic thinking. We understand that small businesses have unique characteristics that need to be highlighted differently than larger businesses. InSpire focuses on the most effective ways to help you achieve your business goals. 

Social Media Tactics:

The way we communicate is changing daily. Word of mouth is no longer just face to face, it's now online. It's important to note that each social media platform has a purpose, and a different audience. The key to having a beneficial social media experience is knowing your target audience. We are excited to work closely with you to develop creative posts, giveaway opportunities, and show off your brand. This is not a simple task, and if executed correctly can have a huge impact on building relationships with your customers. 

Website Tactics:

Questions to think about prior to reading this section: Is your website user friendly? Is it frequently updated? Are you pleased with your website analytics? If you said no or unsure to any of these questions let inSpire design your new website. It is important to have a simple website that your customers can easily follow. If customers are unable to find your website, or easily navigate it they may find another business to work with. We want to prevent this from happening. Wix is the program we use to develop websites for our clients. Our clients have heard lots of positive feedback since upgrading their website.  

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