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About Us

At inSpire we understand the value of supporting small businesses. We know that business owners work long hours providing customer service, stocking inventory, organizing schedules, managing staff, as well as many other miscellaneous tasks. InSpire was created to help local businesses strategically grow and connect with new customers, and retain the ones they have through various social media platforms. Did you know that social media is the new word of mouth? 


Meet Our Owner


Elisabeth Aubry has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. She majored in Communication with emphases in: Organizational Communication, Public Relations, and Mass Media. Her strong work ethic, education, and passion to help local businesses is what sparked the idea to create inSpire. She is excited to work closely with local business owners and help them achieve their own business goals. She wants to personally welcome you to the inSpire community. 


The inSpire Name

Did you notice that our owner's name is spelled with an "s" rather than the typical "z"? The unique spelling of her name is what separates her from others. She decided to emphasize the "s" in inSpire to acknowledge that we go above and beyond to notice the little things that separate each business. At inSpire we strive to learn the special characteristics that each small business has. These traits are what differentiate them from their competitors. It is our job to show off those qualities and make your business stand out! 

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